Site update and other news


I've updated my website with a few new screenshots and news about my progress on TSCB, which is that I've basically finished work on it. That is, it is a completely playable game. Now I just need to have it tested and add any necessary descriptions.

I need a couple people to test it, so if anyone is interested, you can send me a private message, and I'll fill you in.

It might be a few weeks before I finish putting the last few touches on the game, because I have to move back to college in a week and a half and there are things I need to get done before then.
Joey after looking at those new screenshots, im once again dying to play it :D
df looks cool. cant wait to give it a try when its 100% done.
Kon-Tiki Man, that granny looks awesome :o Reminds me so much of Psycho :D
gary540 cant wait til it's done
AGI1122 Those screenshots look good, I can't wait to see the game. :)