My first concact with sci commands.

Robin_Gravel Hi Brian.

Finally I can read sq3 scripts. Ho boy!

The most of the SCI commands look like c++ with push2, push1, jmp ...

Do I need to know c++ to make sci games?

The languages I know are basic, qbasic, klik&Play.

Thanks again Brian.

Robin Gravel
AGI1122 Those disasembled scripts arn't really that helpfull unless you understand the internal workings of SCI. Kernels are the only thing that the compiler will allow. So basically you need to find the kernel equivelent of what is in the decompiled scripts. The kernels are listed in the help file so that would be a good place to start learning about SCI.
Brian_Provinciano It's not really like C++, more like assembly language (machine code), which is actually quite a bit more complicated than C++. However, once you know an assembly lanuage, all others are easy to pick up.

The FreeSCI docs have info on the SCI byte code. If you can learn it, you'll have no trouble with these disassembled scripts.
Robin_Gravel I have no idea how the assembly language works but I am going to use search engines to find out.

If you know a site I can start learning assembler language let me know.

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano If you want to learn SCI byte code, the only place to find out info on it is at:

It's a very good book, and tells everything that one would need to know, but still the only place with info.