Contest Reminder

Joey Just a reminder, the contest I hosted ends August 13th. All games must be submitted by this Friday, August 13. You must also include a walkthrough for me. It will speed up the judging.

gennadiy When its hard to remind that date, then

13th August - It' s day of the opening ceremony of Athens 2004 Olympic Games ;)
Kon-Tiki Makes it even more confusing for those that don't care 'bout the Olympics. Anyways, I guess it's time to get working on it :) Good luck to y'all :)
Joey ok, tomorrow all games made for the contest must be subbmitted to my email address. i have only gotten 2 so far. tomorrow is the deadline.
Oliver Where all the people who said that they're gonna take part now? :P
I hope you'll get more games tomorrow, otherwise there was a big bunch of broken promises before ;)
Kon-Tiki I'm sending it in if I can get it done in time. Really got a problem with deadlines ::)
Oliver Joey...

It's 15th August...when will we know the winner?? ???
gary540 i wanna play the games too!
b@st@ste cut joey some slack and give him at least a week to judge the entries!
b@st@ste so a week did pass...

and the winner is..?