Enclosure:How do I light the dynamite?

313132 How do I light the dynamite?
gennadiy It would be nice to post that kind of questions under Enclosure topic.

Try to figure it out by yourself. It can't be so hard for you.
With what do you usually light dynamite ;), candle I mean ?
312344 where do i get the candles. I searched everywhere. The Mortal Kombat dude doesn't help. :(
gennadiy You can't light a dynamite with a candle, if that what you mean. With what do you light a candle usually ? (p.s. - it isn't zippo)
Kon-Tiki Did all the hints match?
31344 a lighter but i still cant find it!
gennadiy You can't be so :o >:( ... never mind. Just think for a second. Read the Enclosure topic.
gary540 i've never played the game and i still understood the hints.
gennadiy Haven't you heard of a matches or box of a matches before ?

Anyway, you can find it on the shelf of a supply room.

...By the way, supply room is next to the dining room.