Brian_Provinciano If you check my SCI Studio site (, you'll find my new SCI Disassembler! Well, it's not actually new, I've been working on it since 2000, but it's finally been released.

Along with that is a new version of SCI Studio, with critical updates to the compiler.

Finally, I've been using my disassembler to create a template game, recoding every script, line by line into SCI Studio's language. It's hard work, but needs to be done, and the reward will be great! Imagine seeing the "File->New Game->Create from Template" and your "Intro/Opening Screen" for SCI! It will happen!
AGI1122 Yippe, that dissasembler should be pretty usefull. Now I won't have to ask as many question about SCI, I can just look and see how it works for my self. :)

This should greatly help in my making a template game. :)
AGI1122 Just one problem with the new SCI Studio, it says I don't have BORLNDMM.DLL and won't let me run it. :( I need this DLL to run it and would appreciate if somewould would send it to me at
AGI1122 Shesh, I found borlnd.dll on the internet and put it in the directory... now it is compaining about cc3250mt.dll

I can't stand this... Brian maybe you should include all the dlls that are needed to run it.
Brian_Provinciano Cool down there chum! I just forgot to check the "static link" button. I always release my programs with all the DLLs.

Get the static version (890KB) at:
AGI1122 Sorry, I have just been having to find and download all the dll's I finally found them all at

But I guess it doesn't matter, so I guess I should download that version of SCI Studio with the dll's included.
AGI1122 Well it looks like making the template game using the decompiled scripts an't going to be so easy... it looks very different from the programming in kernels stuff I have been doing...
Brian_Provinciano Don't worry :)

I'm working on the disassembling/template so you don't even need to. When I'm done, we'll have a template game and you'll be able to create your game as easily as possible.
AGI1122 That is great, but I am still going to work on my template in my spare time, I think it is the challenge of making something from scratch that is really fun. I did the same with AGI a while back, I made my own template from scratch, in fact I made quite a few different templates about 7 in all a few of which I never actually distributed. Plus this will give me a chance to learn more about SCI.