Teach Me?

Gary Hey, i'm a long time player of AGI and for a long time i've wanted to make my own game. I have downloaded AGI Studio and AGI Pic Editor and am looking for someone to help me learn how to make my own games.
Keep in mind, I don't know any coding which is my main problem.

If someone is willing and has the time, PLEASE let me know.

Gary also, when i try to run the AGI Picture Editor, i get this:

I have .NET Framework installed, do I need something else?
Robin_Gravel Do you have win XP?

Robin Gravel
Gary Yes, yes i do.
gary540 (By the way, this is me.
For some reason it doesnt keep me logged in when i try to reply.)
Kon-Tiki AGI Picture Editor... APE... ... ... do you have the name of who created it? Credits in a help-file or a .txt-file or so? If it's the one I think it is, none of us really know how to use it. I myself tried to download it, and I think I didn't even manage to find it. If it's the one made by Jocke, we can help.

As for the programming, it's best to check out the tutorials at Agidev.com (although it seems down at the moment). They explain all the basics. I myself learned it by reading them and fiddling around with the template game, then fixing a bug in another game. All by all, it takes a week at most. If you've got any questions 'bout the tutorials 'bout programming or anything else, feel free to ask and we'll gladly help :)
gary540 APE: copyright is Joakim M
gary540 wrote:

(By the way, this is me.
For some reason it doesnt keep me logged in when i try to reply.)

Go to this link: http://www.mega-tokyo.com/forum/index.php
That should stop the logging in error.

If not, then make sure you've got cookies enabled.
gennadiy 1. Play some simple fanmade AGI game.

2. Look and try to understand the logic of that fanmade game
(recommended: simple fanmade games).

It really helps (It helped me.)
Joey yes indeed. you can look at some of my games, they are very simple. you could download agent quest or date quest, then open it in agi studio. just try and study the logic and stuff for it. those games are wicked simple.