Memory question

MagickPoultry I was having a problem earlier with memory. I think I got it solved, but I just wanted to ask about it...

So, I have this cutscene in my game that's all in one logic. The player can't do anything in it. When I originally programmed this logic, I tested it repeatedly to make sure everything looked right. But today, when I was testing something else, the cutscene logic gave me a "No memory" error. I don't think anything having to do with that logic or logic 0 changed, but I went and cut empty space out of the views to make them smaller and made it so logic 90 doesn't get called for that room, and that worked. So, now I think it's probably right under the memory limit, and my question is: will it stay working consistently if I don't change anything for that logic? And, should I disable the menu and game functions in that logic to make sure a player doesn't do something unexpected to cause it to go over the limit?

Thanks to anyone who can help. I don't know how well I understand the memory stuff, as I've never had problems with it before to make me learn about it.