Editing Scripts

JB Hi all,

I've downloaded SCI Studio, and also the Tutorial.
I'm reading the tutorial, following the steps, and I just do what I have to do. But now I have to edit scripts, so I try to edit TitleScreen. But then a message open up: Sorry, script can not be edited, only created. You can create them with the Script Compiler.

I just wondering how to edit scripts then??
Please help me..

compgeek1221 You get that error when you don't have the .sc files in the src directory. Did you start with the template game? If so, check to see if the src directory got copied from SCIStudio\templates to your working directory.

JB It works now! :D
I always get an error if I choose to make a template game..
so I'd copy the files manually, and I forgot to copy the src directory too! Now I've copied it too and I can edit the scripts. :D

Thank you so much!

compgeek1221 I had the same problem. It gave me the error, but all the files except the src directory and std.drv and all the files after (alpha order) wouldn't get copied. I thought it was a freak bug on my machine alone :-D