Upcoming AGI Contest Rules

Joey Hello everyone. I know its been a long time, but ive been lazy :D anyway, tomorrow, if i have the time I will start a new topic for the contest. I will include a .zip in the topic with all the views and pictures and sounds (if i include them). You will download the .zip and extract them into a directory or whatever.

Now here are the rules:

1. You are to use your creativity to create a game with ONLY the views and pictures (and sounds if i include them). You cannot add, edit, delete, or change any of the resources given. The only resource you can edit is the logic. So with the resources I give you, you are to make a game using your imagination with it.

2. You must use ALL of the resources I give you.

3. You will have until AUGUST 13th to finish the game. When you are done, please add in the sierra executable and required files, and send the game in a .zip to larrylaffer133@yahoo.com Any games sent after AUGUST 13th will NOT be accepted.

4. The games will be judged on best creativity/story.

Thats all of the rules I can think of for now. If I think of more I will post them. If you have any questions post them here.
Joey oh and you CAN rename resources, so you can put the pictures in the order you want for the logics to match up.
Joey also, i WILL NOT BE POSTING THE ZIP IN THE TOPIC. the file is too large, so I will put it on my agi site tomorrow. i will post the link tomorrow.
gennadiy Do we have to use ALL the resources what are given, I mean all views, pictures and sounds ?
AGI1122 Yes, he said that you must use them all in his first post.
Oliver Are you the only judge? Or will there be anyone else judging the games when they are ready?
AGI1122 I personally think that all judge info should be kept secret till the end date, that way we don't have people bribing, talking, and messing with the judges.

But that's just my opinion... tell them if you want to...
Joey well I am the only judge because I am holding the contest. I have not selected any others and dont plan on it. you must use all resources (there arent many and are no sounds). the winner will get to host the next contest.

i will be posting the package on my site in a few minutes.
Eigen So drawing the intro screen with the name of the game on is not allowed? Plain text?

Oliver I have no idea what the 3rd view is, maybe you can tell me Joey what that is? :P
gennadiy I have a thought, that maybe you could create a folks-favourite "hall of fame" too .? I mean everyone could play these games and vote them afterwards.
It just a thought.

I join with oliver, what is the third view?
Joey eigen: plain text, no editing pics, or views.

i have no clue what the 3rd view is! use your imagination :D
The Ultimo Are we allowed to get help on writing the logic, like posting a question or asking someone, since I haven't used AGI Studio for about... 2 years now, and even when I did, I kinda sucked at it. :P

Might as well give this a try, could be a good way to actually learn the AGI logic. As I was only ever good at doing art. :-\

Oh, and also. If we have our own webspace, can we just upload it to there and send a link to it, to the email address?
Oliver Is there going to be only a top 3?

Or is there going to be the whole top.

I think there should be more judges than only you Joey.
3 or so. 1 judge isn't so good. :P
b@st@ste the whole idea was to have someone win this contest and then let him/her host AND JUDGE the next. when you want more than 1 judge you'll have to pick more than 1 winner! and that's a big nono!

and now: stop complaining & start programming! >:(

[color=red]oh and: read the first 3 posts before asking any questions, people![/color]
Oliver oh yeah, sorry, I forgot that.

BTW: I started programmind a long time ago before I started asking questions and complaining ;D
Joey you can upload it onto your site and send me a link when its finished. and yes that was the purpose of this, 1 judge so he or she chooses the next person to make a contest.

and yes you can post for help on logic. and i think there will only be first place, no second or third, that way people dont feel bad. i think i will post a section on my site showing all the games that were made for the contest. it will have the winners, and everyones elses for everyone to see.
Oliver But I wanted to ask, who else besides me and Eigen is taking part?
Joey not sure about that, but i added another rule as of now.

you MUST include a walkthrough for your game so if i get stuck i can get through the whole game. just put it in a .txt file in the .zip
But I wanted to ask, who else besides me and Eigen is taking part?

I'm taking part too Oliver! My game's nearly finished..just getting some friends to playtest it now.

Joey alright awesome. hopefully there will be a few others in this. i cant wait to play in someone elses contest.