errors galore and frustration high

sanguivore hello all,

I'm still new at this, but I hope that someone can help me. For some reason, my computer and SCI Studio hate each other. I load up SCI Studio, and everything seems to be ok. In fact, it runs wonderfully, until I try to create or edit something in my game. After about a couple of minutes, the following scenario ALWAYS happens. I get 3 seperate error windows stating "parameter is not correct". After that, I get an error window stating "canvas does not allow drawing". The last one really confuses me, because how else am I supposed to create the game animations and backgrounds?
Anyways, I save my work, exit out of SCI Studio, and reload everything all over again. Just to have the error messages and problems reoccur all over again. I must have done this over 300 different times, hoping that once I will get lucky and everything will go smoothly. NOT!! Now, before anyone says anything, YES... I know that if a person does something with a negetive effect and keeps repeating the same thing to get the same effect is psychological insanity. How many times does a person have to drop a raw egg before they realize that it will break when it hits the ground? OK.... I am crazy.... moving on.

I read numerous posts trying to find a solution to my problem, and came across one where somebody claimed that they re-worked the program to fix GDI memory leaks for Win98 users. Yes.... I have Win98. Had XP but got rid of it because it STINKS!!! Anyways, I downloaded this modified version hoping that my prayers were answered. Needless to say, for me it wasn't. In fact, it only made my problems worse. When an error message came up, it flooded my screen with MANY error windows. Sorry guy.... your revision may help others, but only slapped me in the face.

Well... that is my dilemma. So I hope that somebody can help me. Following is the specs of my comp. and SCI Studio.

CPU: Pentium 3 500 mhz. w/ MMX
RAM: 256 DDR
OS : Windows 98 se
Audio: SB Legacy w/ MPU-401 and MT-32 compatibility
Video: ATI Rage Pro 128

SCI Studio: have newest version
Plugins: have all includ. Soundbox

*note to Brian*

I have tried all the other game authoring packages (RPG2k, AGS, FreeSCI, GBAGI, RPG Maker 98, just to name a few...) and like yours the best. I hear your plea about wanting someone, anyone, to try and make a decent game with your system. I am not a coder, but am willing to try and do my best. I wish SCI Studio had more compatibility with Win98 and hope that you consider making a patch for us old timers out there. Hopefully, I can find a solution to my problem and create a game that would make you proud. Keep up the good work, and try to remember, that your vision has inspired some of us. Don't give up hope on SCI Studio because of those that are lazy and unappreciative.
AGI1122 Windows 98 has been known to have problems with SCI Studio. If I am not mistaken, I think Brian has mentioned something about fixing them in the next version?

Note: FreeSCI is not a game authoring package. It's a game interpreter which plays SCI games, including games made by SCI Studio. ;)
sanguivore uh....ok.... you got me there on that one Chris. Not exactly sure why I mentioned it in my post. I knew better... but somehow my fingers typed it anyway. Maybe it is from lack of sleep? who knows...

About it not being Win98 friendly.... I knew that there where issues, but I did not know that they would be that aggravating. Not angry with Brian at all.... just a little frustrated in general.

Also.... I tried to re-use the modified version of SCI Studio that was supposed to help with Win98 issues so that I could report what error windows flooded my screen. The file would not load and got an error report stating that it was not a valid windows application. That leads me to believe that I got a corrupted copy during my download (CRC error?)...

Anyways... I tried to find it again on the board to redownload and can't seem to find it anywhere. I don't even remember which thread it was in. So, if someone could also help me with that, I would be grateful. Not sure why it loaded the first time, and now it won't. But hopefully, that is a good sign for me. One can hope anyway.

Also... did I read correctly somewhere that using a USB mouse and keyboard also causes issues with SCI Studio. If so, I am using both. I will gladly disable these devices in Win98 and see if that helps.
Eigen The USB keyboard and mouse may only cause problems in-game, not in SCI Studio itself.

I used to have win98 too, and it crashed in the editors after about 30 minutes. But since I switched to XP, all the problems are gone. I was one of the ugh-XP,-that-like-totally-sucks-I'm-never-going-to-use-that-stuff-ugh guys, but it's actually very good.

Have you tried older versions of SCI Studio to see if it crashes less. There may be an version that works for you.

sanguivore this reply is in response to Eigen.....

I find it amusing that SCI Studio actually lasted 30 minutes in Win98 for you. I can't even get it to last 3, much less 30.
(yes... pun was intended)

I have NOT tried an older version of SCI Studio. Never even thought about it to be honest. I wanted all the bells and whistles with the newest version. However, you may be correct and an older version may solve most of my issues. I will have to download an older copy and find out. Problem is, I don't see where to get one from Brian's site. I guess I'll try my luck and do a global search on the web in hopes of finding one.

As for giving XP another shot.... I don't see it happening. There were things about it that I liked, but the lack of backwards compatibility was the nail in the coffin for me. As most of you will soon find out, that "check properties and force WIN95/WIN98 compatibility option" is a JOKE!!! XP doesn't become compatible, it only emulates those OS enviroments.... and quite poorly might I add also. My WIN98 system plays ALL my older games and apps flawlessly and over 90% of the newer software (albeit SCI Studio obviously). Currently, I don't even have to use DosBox, ScummVMM, or any other emulator to run my stuff. As for newer games, I actually SEE and HEAR my computer run games such as Warcraft III better than on my best friends 3.2 Ghz. XP machine. Sad, but true. Call me crazy (which I stated I was in an earlier post), or even anachronistic... but XP just doesn't perform as well for me as WIN98 does. Ok... I'm sorry for getting off subject and going on my anti-XP soapbox rant.

Wish I knew what you did to get SCI Studio to work for 30 minutes before crashing. Having that luxury would surely save what little bit of hair I have left from getting pulled out... hehehehehehe

Anyways, thanx for the suggestion and if I am able to try an older version, I'll let you know how it goes.
cloudee1 For the most part it only crashes when you are using either the pic or view editors right?

... well since it seems you have some sort of unnatural love for win98 and don't seem keen on switching back so really all you can do is try to limit the amount of time which you would need to use these tools.

for views you can directly import bmp's so you can use paint shop to create these, also use paint shop to design your rooms and then import the image to trace it (and do so quickly.)
sanguivore unnatural love.... ha ha ha.... that's funny. But oddly enough, somewhat true.

On the other subject, sadly enough the answer is no. The errors arise after trying to create or edit ANYTHING within my game. Pics, views, scripts, fonts, vocabs, whatever. I had already thought of trying to import bitmaps, but don't know a workaround for scripts and vocabs. I guess that I should have mentioned that earlier.