Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa

Robin_Gravel Hi folks

Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa demo is out to play.

You will find it at:

Half-Death is a parody of Half-Life by Sierra.

Have fun

Robin Gravel
Oliver hmm, strange...I can't choose language...
anyway, the game looks great on the screenshots.
Robin_Gravel Hi Oliver

Install Nagi first in the game directory and the game at the same directory.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play Nice game! ;D
JesseJames I can't select a langauge either. I can see the language selection screen but nothing seems to work.
Robin_Gravel Try Nagi unstead and you have to modify the standard.ini file included with Nagi.

Change a line to

It should work this way.

Robin Gravel
Oliver I played the game. It was great, that's what I think!
I really liked it

But the doors thing, it's funny at the beginning, but it just gets boring at the end, there are just wayyyyyyy to many of them. :P

So I can't wait the full versioN!
Sidrious play Will I can choose fast speed in the full game?
Robin_Gravel Oliver: I'll adjust the door thing shorter.

Dwarfy: I'll set the game faster.

Thanks for your compliments.

Robin Gravel
morrowind Hi Half death is cool as a fan of half life myself i'm really impressed by this demo. I have a suggestion if you dont mind i re-wrote some of the english for half death & made some explannations that you might not know how to put across to help english people understand how to use the interface. You can download the zip at http://binky-what-the-f-ck.ihatemimes.com/AGI/half death.zip, i added a little something just for a laugh i hope you enjoy it. Please get back to me & tell me wether you like it or have I just insulted your english :-\ ? if you like it i would be happy to do more ;D
Robin_Gravel Thanks morrowind

Half-Death looks better. Understand the english is not my first language. I'm speaking French.

i added a little something just for a laugh i hope you enjoy it.

I like it.

Myself, I own Half-Life in english and Half-Life Blue Shift in French. They can help me to make Half-Death easier in two languages.

I'm looking for a joke when Henry wears a huv suit. The integrated computer in huv suit should talk to Henry. I wish
to make fun with it.

Any suggestions???

Robin Gravel
rwfromxenon "Welcome to the HEV Mark 4 Protective System for use in Hazordous Environment Conditions. Do not tumble-dry."
Robin_Gravel ;) Good one Allen

Also somebody asked me for another title: Half-Decay.

Do you think it is good?

Robin Gravel
CESS.tk I think Half-Decay sounds better. Of course, you lose the contradiction. Instead you get something very close in meaning to Half-Life, but a lot more morbid sounding.

Just my 2
rwfromxenon You could think of Half-Life as the literal meaning, with the radiation causing the (protons or neutrons?) to decay, so it's good.
I agree totally with what StrangeQuark said, but the name lacks something. It's not... snappy.
How about:


That sucked... ;)