Windows XP + SCI VGA = GAH!

Rob Berry So, I use NAGI for AGI games, ScummVM for the LucasArts SCUMM games, and now...what do I use for SCI VGA, such as Police Quest 3 and Space Quest 4? This DosBox program is pissing me off, as it's too slow or skips too much, even if I do fiddle with the framerate and skiprate. Anybody have any suggestions?
AGI1122 FreeSCI.
Just Some Guy check out this site
Igorrr What Specs does your PC have?

I am running a P4 1,6 Ghz Laptop with 512mb ram and I am also able to run Quest For Glory 4 (CD Version) smoothly in DosBox also with software GM Midi in Windows XP.
What helps the most to speed up DosBox is to turn the scaling off. You don't need it anyway if you play full screen mode. I can run games only with scaling turned off with at least 8000 CPU cycles.