Some logic problems....

Sidrious play Can someone post the code, to insert an view in title screen, what is there and doesn't move, and after a time, like about 2 seconds or sth., it starts cycling, till the loop is finish. Then it has to change the loop, but just starts cycling when the first loop is done. And at the end, the last loop has to repeat pauseless....

And next, where I always have a bug is, changing the ego view... As examples, I want to sit on toilet, first what it has to do, unwear the pants (automatic if "sit on toilet"). Then sit there whitout action. And if type "sh*t" he starts, yah, to do that and after that no action again. Or wear pyjama. After he wores it, the ego view has to change....

Answers would really help me, because I just started making a new game (no wait, i'm on 2 projects. One is for testing my skills and learn more. The other one will be a real big one...)

Eigen Hey!

v11 = 0; //will equal seconds to 0
set.view(o1, x);

//other view set up stuff here //


if(v11 == 2){ // if 2 seconds have passed
end.of.loop(o1,f100); // sets flag 100 on when loop has ended
v11 = 3; //will equal seconds to 3, because otherwise it would jerk until 1 second has passed (it causes a loop until seconds is not 3)

set.loop(o1, 1); // the second loop

set.loop(o1,2); // the third loop

set.loop(o1,3); // the last loop
start.cycling(o1); // will loop over and over

Don't have time to write the code for poopoo at the moment. ;)

Sidrious play Thanks Eigen! I'll try it...
Sidrious play Aaand.... could someone give me the other code i need? ::)
Oliver }
if(said("sit on toilet")){
if(posn(o0, positions)
Sidrious play Thanks Oliver!

I'll try it tommorrow morning. Now, I'm kind a tired...