Coming Soon: Gennadi Tahab Autot

gennadiy I have worked on my game some days again and it seems that GTA will be released some days before original GTA: San Andreas, lets say in September. I'll try to update some screenshots aswell, as soon as I can. There should be some 12 - 15 missions, where you have to kill your target, boost some cars, get a special item and so on. There will be bonus missions aswell, one for max score and other for tuning your car.
Kon-Tiki Cool shading, but the guys're yellow o_O Did you draw that all by yourself or did you use a pcx-convertor or tracing?
gennadiy Thanks
I have drawn this picture and ev'ry other pictures myself. Only things that aren't 100 % mine are ego and character views.
Sidrious play That sounds nice!

The screen's nice, too.

What does the title mean? ???

Will there be a demo released?

Keep it up... :D
Oliver I don't exactly understand one thing:P
will the game be in English or Estonian?

I really like the opening screen. It's awsome!

Dwarfy: The title means: Gennadi wants a car.
gennadiy In both of the languages :o
The very first release will be in estonian, but i have planned to release an english version, too :D ;)
Sidrious play Oh! Estonian... Thx Oliver.

Gennadiy: Do you know a date for the English release?
gennadiy Week or two after the estonian release, end of september/beginning of october. I can't tell you the exact date yet, sorry.
Sidrious play That doesn't matter... Thanks for the info! Looks very promising. Can't wait to play it.
gennadiy Thanks. Can't wait to finish it. ;D
I think that I'm not gonna release a demo :(, but I'll try to release a trailer :D if I'll have a time for that.
Sidrious play Great! Can't wait to watch it! ;D