News about Serguei's destiny II

Robin_Gravel I worked on Serguei's destiny II (SD2 for short) few days ago.

This time, SD2 looks more rpg than Serguei's destiny 1.

From the top to the bottom screenshots

Screenshot #1:
You buy some equipments at the stores like most rpg games.

Screenshot #2:
SD2 will have 5 cities to explore

Screenshot #3:
The battle system is improved from the last SD2 demo

Yes. Serguei will learn new spells in the game.

If I have the time, Serguei's destiny II should be ready at the
end of 2004.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play Sounds nice! Will there be a demo released?
Oliver whoa! that looks really awsome, can't wait for you to release it, so I could play it;)
Robin_Gravel Thanks for the complements.

Serguei's destiny 2 is already available but it's outdated.
Feel free to try it anyway. You'll find it at:

Today I added some pots at the battle scene. So Serguei
can healing when battling like most rpgs I found both commercials
and fanmade.

Robin Gravel

Sidrious play Robin, when I download anything of your site, I can't unzip it! :-\
It always asks me, in wich directory the file is, but there
is no downloaded file in my downloads folder...
Robin_Gravel What kind of program are you using to open zip files?

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play WinZip v. something...
Robin_Gravel I downloaded Serguei 2 demo from my site. It works.

When winzip asks wich directory the file, you have to type like "C:\serguei2" and press ok. It should work.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel Dwarfy

I just read an other thopic you have XP. Be sure Winzip is compatible with XP or it might not work correctly on your computer.

Robin Gravel

Note: Windows XP sucks because it has bad reputation do not work with old games even old win95 games/programs. So I keep using win98.
Sidrious play It doesn't! ???

This is what appears:

o Search harddisk(s) on the PC
o Search Favourite Zip Folders
o Search disk [C:\ [v]]
o Let me find it (not automatic)

But there's no File nowhere....
AGI1122 Well it doesn't necessarily suck Robin. There are work arounds usually to get old games to work. Plus it has an emulation option in the properties which can let you set games to run as if windows 95 where running and such.

winzip is compatable with xp, I know because I am a xp user myself.

Just go to the directory you downloaded the zip file to and double click the file to unzip it.
Robin_Gravel Does the problem also happen with other zip files found in other sites?

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play No! Just in this site...

@Chris: There is no downloaded file nowhere!
Dwarfy wrote:

No! Just in this site...

What a shame :'( :'(

Try another decompiler if it works like Winrar...

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play Oh man! I suck! I just had to right click and "save as..." ;D

Sorry! BUT! That doesn't work for the other games on your site. I mean, I can't "save as..." the other games, 'cause you have to click on the picture. The computer doesn't realize that the picture is a link... :-\

EDIT: Is it possible that the mouse isn't compatible to XP?
The computer doesn't realize that the picture is a link...

Which browser are you using?

Is it possible that the mouse isn't compatible to XP?

Somebody reported me the agimouse is not compatible with XP but don't worry, Nagi supports the agimouse.

All you need is to change a line in standard.ini file to:

Please, don't use Nagi who comes with Enclosure or the screen will shake forever. Use older one.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play

Wich browser are you using?

I use Internet Explorer 6

All you need is to change a line in standard.ini file to:

Please, don't use Nagi who comes with Enclosure or the screen will shake forever. Use older one.

I don't get this lines... ???
Robin_Gravel You'll need this line or Nagi will not work Serguei's destiny 2 demo and all other agi games using a mouse I made.

Wait a minute. Who said you need to click on a picture to download Serguei's destiny 2 demo?

To download this demo, you have to click on "Download Serguei's destiny II demo" unless you have found it on other site.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play Yeah I now! I've downloaded it already! But, what I mean is, if I want to download 'another' game of your site, I have to click on a picture, right?

I see no standard.ini file... ???
Robin_Gravel Sorry Dwarfy,

I forgot some games don't have their own pages, you'll have to click on the picture to download it.

standart.ini is encluded with nagi. If you wish to play Serguei's destiny 2 demo, you'll have to install the demo and nagi.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play I changed the line.... no it doesn't start! There's always an error!

SDL.dll was not found!
rwfromxenon Here's the file. Virus scanned and all.

Sorry for the leech there, Nick.
Sidrious play Thanks Allen!

But there is the next problem! "Click to begin"... nothing happens!
Robin_Gravel Hi Dwarfy

Change "v2_default=" to "v2_default=pc_buffbri" in standard.ini file. It should work.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play Great!! Now it works, well! Thanks Robin!
I read it, but forgot to do it... ::)

Keep up the good work! :)
Robin_Gravel Hi folks

I implanted a day/night cycle in SD2 today.

Check out the screenshots below.

Something will happen in day or night only.

Wait a minute! It sounds like King's quest IV or even Quest for glory series.

Robin Gravel Heh, you even adjusted the icons, time and cursor to night view :D
Robin_Gravel Hi folks

I installed the Half-Death system in SD2.

That means, you have to select an object in the inventory
and use it in the room. Also I made Serguei to swim (See picture below).

Half-Death: terror at White-Mesa is another game I'm working.

See you later.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel I just finnished the inn part today. That means Serguei can
rest and restore his energy.

Robin Gravel
Sidrious play Wow!

I liked the first part of the game, but THIS part looks great so far!
Robin_Gravel I worked on SD2 today.

Hey! Check out on the new main menu background in the game.

This background was drawn by Bokkers, the maker of V: the adventure game. I haven't ask him for it but he did it.

Again, 1000 thumbs up for this picture, Bokkers. I really like it.

Robin Gravel