Coming Soon: The Lost Souls

Narko I'm working on a horror game called 'Lost Souls', which should be out in October of this year, to coincide with Halloween.

Here's a brief outline of the story: The Simmons family have just begun a long vacation across the US. But what begins as fun soon spirals down into terror as a man claiming to be a disciple of satan begins to hunt them down the highways of the Country. With no one believing them and time running out, the family must find a way to stop a man who cannot be stopped.

I'll try to get some screenshots up as soon as I can, I'm looking for a good place to host pictures.
Mastercard Back again after a long hiatus...

Oo, I like horror games, it's a shame Sierra didn't make an AGI version of the Mystery House. I hope you get someone to make good background music for it, even with AGI bleeps and bloops it makes up a lot of the excitement. Hope to see those screenshots soon and maybe even a demo of the game.
Oliver alright! I love horror games!! I was making one of my own too, but I cancelled it because of lack of time, that sucked. i hope you will finish the game, and realease a demo!
Kon-Tiki Finding a good musician's not hard nowadays. Just contact the Scorposer ;) And Oliver, did you mean that project from Joey? I still have some pics laying around from that. If this game needs a creepy house by night and the same house by day, I should still have it somewhere ;D
Oliver That was my project but who cares anyway:D
it was cancelled, maybe one day we can all finish it? :P
Of course when I finish my current projects.
Joey i remember that. kon tiki drew some excellent pictures for that.
im getting back into agi and i might work on a new game soon that i will actually put effort into.

anyway i cant wait to see your game. post some pictures soon. story is great.

also, im learning about music and i play guitar, how can i compose music on the computer? ive been doing basic stuff with a few midi creators. i want to really learn to make some good music on the computer though. anyone know of a good program that is free?
Kon-Tiki Fruityloops, but got to *craugh* it. I know it's possible >_> <_< >_> Sounds great! Looking forward to playing it!

And you don't need a host, you can just upload the pictures to the board with the attach function.