smartguy240 I have the BLACK CAULDRON (which happens to be the first game that I had for the computer, followed by commander keen 8)...anyways :-
AGI1122 Well maybe it has write protection on it's files... or it might be for some system like the amiga... Send it to me at and I can look at it to see if write protection is on it, or if it is for another system.
smartguy240 Well, I could but I would have to transfer it to my main computer on the ground floor. I guess I am not that worried about it but ill see if i can.... I could zip it and send it to you! Ill see

Andrew_Baker You can get the full PC version of Black Cauldron from Al Lowe's Website, but I'm not sure what the URL is.
Rich Hmmm.... I went to, and it seems to have been disabled. Anyway, that was his website.
AGI1122 What are you talking about Rich, the link to download it still works!
Joel It actually was down earlier. I saw it.
AGI1122 Ok, I guess I was wrong then...
Rich Yeah, it appears to be back up now. Well, anyhow, there you have it... I went to the downloads page and The Black Cauldron is there. Cool.

I'm so excited.
smartguy240 [s][/s][glow=red,2,300] ;D cool! Thanzx[/glow]

SMG240 ;)