Brian, are you still sending INN version for donations?

Jake Aarons Hello all,

I recently found out Luke Tillman who is working on FauxINN was sent a test version of SCI Studio 4 that could open files in Sierra's Imagination Network.

Is Brian still sending this version for donations? (i.e. $100 or more)

I am not referring to the versions meant to open SCI games, *just* the LSCI version.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! :)
Brian_Provinciano Hi. I still send over the INN version with donations of $10 or more, yes. Of course, the INN version works with opening the other SCI games as well (it's an all in one program).
Danny Roerring hay i live in australia and as you know the currency is different here how much will i have to send to get the version and how will i gewt it
AGI1122 Paypal should handle different types of currency if I am not mistaken. So it might be able to give you some clue as to the ammount you need to send.

And Brian is that $10 Canadian? ;)