Visual Basic...Is it possible!?!?!

smartguy240 I am taking Visual Basic 6.0 classes next year in school. Is it possible to make an AGI rescource program on that? Is it possible to edit scource codes from things like Delphi 5 or something. Sorry if this is a stupid question... but you never know... ;)
AGI1122 It is possible but not highly recomeneded I think it would be easier to do it with c or c++. But then again I may be wrong on this.
Joel as long as Visual Basic can write binary files (i'm sure it probably can), then you can write programs that manipulate AGI resources with it. I don't think that Visual Basic could read Delphi 5 sources or anything like that, though. They're two very different languages.

(ok, you can probably open a Delphi 5 source in Visual Basic, but it won't mean anything to Visual Basic).
Mokalus_of_Borg It would definitely be possible, but I'd forget about trying to translate Delphi to VB unless you're very familiar with both languages and the specific Delphi source involved.

Mokalus of Borg

PS - I'm not exactly a fan of VB.
PPS - But I wouldn't say that doing this in C/C++ is easier.
AGI1122 Well let me reprase... me doing it in VB woulnd't be recommended. The version of VB I have has a few bugs the programmers missed... mostly with changing windows sizes.
Brian_Provinciano I wrote some AGI Utils a while back with MacVB because it was the only Mac compiler I had. Other than that being the excuse, I personally think VB (or basic for that matter) is a horrible language.

If you're serious about programming, it would be smart to start with a good langauge like C or C++. They are harder, but what I started with, and everything worked out fine. Learning VB first might mess up your programming later :)

If you really want VB because it's visual, Delphi/C++Builder/Visual J++/etc. are essentially the same but with better lanuages.
sonneveld I don't know about that. Playing with a loosely typed language like Basic or Python will let him play around with classes and functions first before having to worry about types and pointers.

With C, it helps to have some sort of assembler background to help understand how it all works. With something a bit more higher level, you don't have to worry about it.

- Nick
smartguy240 Well... Yall will probabally all laugh at this but... it is true. Visual basic is a pre resiquite to c++ and advanced computer programming at my high school. So... if you all are still around in a couple of years (provided that everyone including myslef are still intrested in this)I might be able to get sown to bussiness! 8)

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