Quotation marks

AndyPanda Again, sorry for flooding the board here. But this is the last way out after hours of trying. Is there any way to have use the character [glow=red,2,300]"[/glow] in a sentence in my game? For instance: Print("This is an "ironic" sentence"). Of course this will not work, since that character is used in the print-command. But the character is in the font, so it's gotta be possible to use it, right?
AGI1122 I am not sure if it will work but try this:

Print("This is an \"ironic\" sentence")
AndyPanda Thanks a bunch Chris, it worked. I feel a little stupid for asking so much, but then again I'm sure someone else will have use for it sometime :)
AGI1122 Don't worry about it, I used to ask questions all the time. It's the best way to learn.