Town name

smartguy240 8) I am to the point in my game where I have a town. Does anyone have a suggestion for a town name. Right now the towns name is TOWN :-\ ::) ...
sonneveld Try thinking about the history of the town and where it's situated. What's the weather like? Any local attractions or major scenery? What was the name of the founder? What was the town's initial reason for being there?

Like if it's a cold dark place that's next to a railway.. It might be called Murky Railside

- Nick
Sami_Tervo How about Eaglewood? ::)
smartguy240 :-\ Well, I really dont have a cool plot yet ::) so I guess I cant name it. Oh well...
AGI1122 You could always use the method of naming things by what you see around you... lets just hope there isn't anything disgusting nearby... ;)
smartguy240 ::) sorry Chris, I am not like that...
Randy Think about the setting and what's nearby. Then use that as prefixes or suffixes. Possibly in a different language (German is always good for this).

For example, if there are mountains nearby, consider ending the town name with "-berg" (German for mountain) such as "Heidelberg, Spielberg..."
Or if there are fields, try "-feld". A forest? Try "-wald"

Try this with anything you can think of (river, ocean, pond, desert, snow...) and don't just stick with German, try other languages too.

(a good site for this is

Not only will this method give you a town name, but it will be a plausable and believable name at that.
Joker First thing coming to mind is JokerVille, but that might sound a little too egocentric. Maybe StoneValey? We (Femo Duo Ent.) used it and this town's ready for another adventure! ;D
sonneveld I like "babelfish" for a name. :)

- Nick
smartguy240 ??? they're all so good... I CANT DECIDE!!! my head hurts :'(

;) SMG240
Kon-Tiki Why don't you make a poll with all the names you like, so you can use the one which has the most votes.
smartguy240 Sorry, I name the town a long time ago, but if I need a new name, I will be sure to do that!

;) SMG240

P.S. I named it Arcto-Bynazmolville