AndyPanda I read through the help file and the tutorial, and I still don't fully understand how to use states. Sorry if I'm asking too much on the board, but I really tried hard on this. Here's the script that I'm struggling with. I can't get it past case 1. I have the cycle property set on case 1, so I don't understand why it won't go any further:

(instance TVSEQ of Script
(method (changeState newState) = state newState

(case 0
Print("Let's see if I'm lucky tonight." #title "You say:")
(send gEgo:
setMotion(MoveTo 250 98 TVSEQ))
= cycles 10
(case 1
SetUpEgo(1 20)
= cycles 20
(case 2
Print("...and tonight one lucky person will win the first price in the <clever name here>-lottery.)")
Print("If you have number 291839 on the back of your lottery ticket, please call 1-800-3518 now!")
Print("Your reach inside your pocket, and pick up the lottery ticket.")
= cycles 15
(case 3
Print("I WON!!!"#font LARGE_FONT #title "You say:")


By the way, I use this to get there:

(if(send gEgo:has(INV_TICKET))
Print("There's nothing but soap operas on right now, so you decide not to.")

cloudee1 Hey Andy,

It seems that the main roomcript changestate will work in that way, But other instances do not.

you can also look here:;action=display;threadid=5675
or here, this one takes a while to get going, but may help:;action=display;threadid=4832

If you figure it out, let us know. ;)
AndyPanda I finally came up with something that worked (thanks, cloudee). I used the changestate in the roomscript, and used some variables. Much harder, but it works ;D But something tells me I'll have to find a better way to do it later on, since this example is a fairly simple one.