Windows and Text resources.

AGI1122 Ok the question I have is, I have a window set up and it works just fine with the Display statement. The thing is though I would rather use a text resource to display the text that should be in the window. This would make it a little easier to make windows if it used the text resources instead of the Display command. I don't seem to know how to make it use the text from the text resource which has been bugging me.
AGI1122 Well I have figured out how to access the text resources and then print them in the message box. The only thing is I don't know how to dispose of the window once I am done with it, it just stays on the screen and won't go away. I have tried WindowDispose but I can't seem to get it to work.
Brian_Provinciano I've made a little demo for you of an About Box. To test it, download it:

I updated the Event class with a getEvent().
I updated the Control class.
I created an Icon control from the Control class.
I create the Window, draw the Icon/text
I wait for an event.
I destroy the window.

The end ;D

(ps. Get SCI Studio 04/23/2002)
Robin_Gravel File not found error 404

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano Whoops. It's actually at:
AGI1122 Thanks this should hopefully help me out with the windows. :)
AGI1122 Am I correct in thinking that the controls can be used to either display a view in the message window and to display text buttons in the window?
Brian_Provinciano The control classes have a "type" property. If the type is 1, it's a button (text with a border), if it's 4, it's an icon (a view), 6 is a list box, and so on. Check out the FreeSCI docs for more info, there's a whole page on it.
AGI1122 Ok, thanks. I will check out the FreeSCI page to learn more about this stuff.