Script Trouble

TrvMcNevan Okay, I am totally new to this. The only programming I have ever done is in QBasic. I have been working on the tutorial on this site but I keep running into the same problem. When I get to handleEvent, and I place more than one event in there the script won't work. I'm thoroughly confused. Please help me out here...
TrvMcNevan Ok here is the code that is bothering me....

(instance RoomScript of Script
   (method (handleEvent pEvent)

* Handle the possible said phrases here *
(if(< (send gEgo:distanceTo(aMan)) 40)
Print("Hello Brian!" #title "You Say:")
Print("Hello there! Welcome to SCI Studio!" #title "Brian Says:")
Print("You don't want to yell. Get closer.")
(instance aMan of Act
y 170
x 220
view 1

- when I go to compile it, the program says that something needs (')'). It's really confusing me.
Eigen ...
Print("You don't want to yell. Get closer.")

) // (if(Said('talk/man')) closing bracket
) // (method (handleEvent pEvent) closing bracket