Variables and such...

AndyPanda I just wanted to know if any of you have any advice on the following:
I want a certain thing to happen only the first time I enter a room, and never again. I've made a state-method with all the action in, and so far so good. I also made a variable that becomes false once the animation is over. My problem is that whenever I exit the room and return, the variable of course is set to true again. How can I do this, anyone?
doan sephim hullo,
the room variables will equal what they are set at on the individual room script everytime you have a room change to that room. so to have a variable that does not change, you must put it into the main script. room changes will not effect the truth or falsity (one or zero-ity) of the variables in the main script.
AndyPanda Ah, I actually saw that from an older post in the forum :P But anyway, I can't get it to work. I have a variable called FIRST_TIME_IN_SHOP set in the main script. Then I have set it to true in the room script. When the dialogue I put in is finished, I have a =FIRST_TIME_IN_SHOP FALSE. Anyway, when I enter the room again, it still processes the whole dialogue again. I don't understand this. Could you give me an example? Sorry if I ask stupid questions here, but I can't seem to get the grip of this :)
AndyPanda wrote:

Then I have set it to true in the room script.

That's probably where the problem is. Set it to TRUE in main script.

AndyPanda That didn't seem to work either, I'm afraid. Where in the should I put = FIRST_TIME_IN_SHOP TRUE? It's like the variable refuses to become false :-\
Eigen in main script:



AndyPanda Still nothing :-\ I get so frustrated, cause this is really important for the game. Here's the roomscript, I stripped it down just to test that thing:

(include "")
(include "")
(script 6)
(use "controls")
(use "cycle")
(use "door")
(use "feature")
(use "game")
(use "inv")
(use "main")
(use "obj")

(instance public rm006 of Rm
Eigen I used your code, and it worked fine, but I just had to change one line a bit. You have:

(if(FIRST_TIME_IN_SHOP FALSE), that doesn't work.

It has to be (if(== FIRST_TIME_IN_SHOP FALSE) or

That should do it.