Kings Quest 4

Azwald Hey. I have a couple of questions about Kings Quest 4. Did they sell the SCI version, the AGI version, or both?
And does anybody know where I can find a copy of the AGI version (it appears to be rare...)? Thanks.
AGI1122 Yes they did sell both AGI and SCI versions of King's Quest 4. Of course the SCI version ruled the market so the AGI version became pretty rare. It took me about a year just to find a copy. The only things that sucks is that the site I got it from got taken down by the idsa so I don't know where you can get it from. I would try searching some abandonware site, who know's you might actually find it.

The AGI and SCI version a really similar. There is a few differences here and there but nothing major like plot changes.
K.J. You can get the Amiga version here:

I'm not sure if it's AGI or SCI. If it's AGI, it should work with NAGI.

AGI1122 Sorry but from the looks of the graphics, I beleive it is the SCI version.