Current Projects

gennadiy I would like to know what agi games are going to be released soon (not so soon too ;)). If it's possible, try to give us some info about your game, too. ;)
Joel Jen's Quest will not be released soon, but it is not abandoned.

It's about a girl named Jennifer (who keeps the fact that she's a shapeshifter secret) and her attempts to get her best friend Kristen back after she's kidnaped by a criminal dude named Tony who's mistaken Jennifer for somebody named Claudia who owes him money.
Kon-Tiki Ninja Forever is still in production and'll hopefully have its first release in a couple of weeks up to a month. Could be more, could be less.

Little Pirate'll be finished after Ninja Forever, and I've got a third, small project in line under request of my zany brother.
Robin_Gravel Serguei's destiny II is on the way but I can't say when it will released. A demo is already out.

Robin Gravel
Rich FQ2 is still coming soon. Unfortunately, I've had to put it on hiatus for the last two and half months because of school work and deadlines at real work, which is a shame because it is so very close to being finished. I promise I'll get back to it when I can.
Oliver Well...I fininshed Save Santa ( ;)

Now I'm working on a game in AGS. It's called The Adventures Of Oliver. I don't know if I'm even gonna finish it. We'll see ;)
Kon-Tiki I can already guess who the main character will be ;D As for the adventures... I'm curious :)
Oliver It has only one room ready, my room;) (everything in the game will be just like in real life).

But the story is done ....0 ;D
gennadiy My Project: Gennadi Tahab Autot: Mission Pack 1: Kuressaare (Gennadiy Wants a Car: MP1: Kuressaare)
Story: You are Mikk, whose father was killed several years ago by the local mob - Gennadiy's mob. After that you left Kuressaare for your own sake.
Now, when you are 22 years old, you return, to pay for your father. The chase has begun. It's payback time!

The game itself should be ready in September.
ChadGoulding Time Quest is progressing. Now that I've quit my job I'm getting a lot more done :). I'm aiming to finish the game sometime before christmas.

Oh, and I recently made a walkthrough for the game and put it on the website (

AGI1122 That's great news, time quest is one of the games I am most looking forward to playing. :)