Cuddly Bedtime Story

Andrew_Baker So, I was at a friend of mine's house the other day. He was showing me his collection of fps's and the level editor for Red Faction. I was helping him figure out how to use Mame. While we were hanging out, his youngest son started hanging with us. Words were exchanged, and the next thing I know, I'm challenging an eight-year-old to a Tekken3 tournament (I think my exact words were, "Don't come at me like somethin' you ain't, 'cuz you'll be cryin'."). Obviously, since he's only 8, he tore me a new one. After my tears of defeat had dried, I dl'd Voodoo Girl to show my friend that I hadn't been completely unsocial for no reason. Well, anyway, long story short, HIS KID LOVED IT!!!

I got all weepy-weepy again, but this time it was the realization that this little punk with all this tech and high-end 3d rendered faster-than-light 10 million different weapons in the arsenal games... he liked my piece of dook EGA game. HA!! Proof that it doesn't matter how fast or pretty a game is, it's all about the love.

P.S. Next time I see that kid, I'm challenging him to some Dead or Alive 2. I've been practicing, and I think I can take him this time.
sonneveld I used to work a very short-term job at the uni, they were collecting data for an asset database so they need people (like me!) to walk around every single room in the building to write down what it was for, it's location and other details.

It was pretty tedious, and we spent a lot of time just writing down details on a bit of paper which would later be typed up again by somebody else onto computer. But I got paid.. which was nice.

Anyway.. I was talking to my boss and we somehow got to playing adventure games and how she liked playing Discworld and some of the older sierra games.. So I managed a deal.. If i can copy the discworld games, I'll get her a copy of all the old sierra games for her on CD. :)

So afterwards she's happily playing kings quest 3 on her desktop and I have some shiny new Discworld games to play.

- Nick
AGI1122 Once upon a time...

And they lived happily ever after. ;)

But anyway, I know for sure that the younger generation can like these older games. My little cousin who is about 8 years old likes games like SQ2.
sonneveld i wonder if we could drum up more interest in agi if we posted links on kids sites then.

- Nick
AGI1122 I don't think kids site's would be the best way to go. Maybe sites that have stuff to do with teenagers?
sonneveld I'm almost 20.. so I don't hold much with all these young whipper-snappers.. everybody wants to be and tries to act older anyway.. so all those 8 year olds are really 13 year old punks anyway.


- Nick
AGI1122 Well, I am 17 so I know that some teenagers might be into it... but then again I have always been kinda of strange compared with the rest of my peers.