Help Editing Scripts

Robobarbe I am trying to edit scripts for the template game (as the tutorial requires) and the program tells me that scripts cannot be edited only created. What can I do?
doan sephim i think i had a similar problem...this is how it was solved for me:;action=display;threadid=4778

Robobarbe The directory structure for the template appears to be intact (/template/src). Also, what did you mean by "opening up the editor manually and opening the titlescreen therefrom."?
doan sephim all i meant by that was that instead of double-clicking on the script i wanted to edit (titlescreen, menubar, etc) i just clicked on the script button and opened the script from the file menu. i do not think that doing that would be of any help to you though.
if you unzipped everything correctly, i really dont know what is wrong...but that's b/c im not very smart. anyone else have any ideas?
have you tried to create a new game and edit a script in a different game file?