VG:QotD freeze in classic interpreter?!

Andrew_Baker I recently received an e-mail from someone playing Voodoo Girl that I think was using the classic interpreter. She claims that in the Dream World swimming level that when she tried to enter the small caves to the far top-left and far top-right that the game froze up on her and she had to exit the interpreter.

This is a very serious bug, so I was wondering if someone else had the same problem in this location or any others.

I'm pretty sure I know the reason, but if I'm going to make an update, I want to know A) as much about this problem as I can before I start hacking away at old resources and B) if there are any other areas in the game that need fixed.

Thank you I had the same problem, at the same location, using NAGI. It kept me from completing the game :(

Another thing that should be fixed is, hm.. I don't remember it too well anymore, but you can stay a zombie long after you shouldn't be one anymore. This has strange consequences, like, when you go up to the dream world, you'll be VG for a sec, going up the rainbow, and afterwards, you're the zombie again. Just try to swim up two screens from here.

And sorry, I lied. It appears I was using the original interpreter. I hope that's a relief.

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