My new game: Save Santa, is released!

Oliver I just finished my new game: Save Santa
It's 7 months late with the release but atleast now it's finally ready.
I was going to release it on Christmas.
So anyway, you can get it at my site:

There are also screenshots there and a walktrough should be ready soon!

Comments and other stuff (found a bug etc) are welcome

I hope that there aren't many bugs in it ;D
Joey cool game man :D i havent finished it, but i will try and beat it soon. good work.
Andrew_Baker It's not late, anymore.

Now it's early XD
Oliver There were some bugs fixed in the game.
It's now version 1.1

I fixed SOME MORE bugs. Everyone please download the latest version (v.1.2). You can't complete the game with the older versions.
Joey haha looks like you should have tested it better before you released it ;)
Oliver Eigen tested it :P

He didn't do a good it seems
Joey well i beat it! cool game man. it was fun. nice work. :D
Oliver Thanks!
Oliver I have the walktrough ready, and you can download it by clicking on the link below:

I hope this helps all those who are stuck! ;)