NAGI Source Release

sonneveld I've decided to make NAGI open source and have released the source code, along with disassembled information in one neat package. You can now look under the hood to see how it ticks or port it to your favourite operating system. Check out the NAGI download section for more details and make sure you read the source readme. The news and download information are available from AGI Dev NAGI Source Download - Nick
df sweeeeeeeeet. i have dl'd it... not that i havbe time to even unzip it for the next 3 months :) hehehe...

what license did you put it under? such a damnable dicy situation eh , being a derived work. lucky sierra are in no shape to really do anything anymore (how many company takeovers has it been now? minds on other things, like staying profitable...)
sonneveld X11 so you can take code and put it into Sarien but not the other way round. :)

- Nick
sonneveld The license issue was tricky because I wanted the source to be as accessible as possible. At least I have the option to move NAGI to GPL later on if I want to. If I started with GPL, I couldn't move back to X11 without making sure I had permission from all the other contributers (like me.. and me)

I don't even know if Sierra owns the AGI copyrights anymore. They sold off their adventure division to Codemasters (if i remember correctly) so maybe somebody will eventually find out who owns the AGI copyright and they'll act upon it (if they think it's worth their time)

Sierra might be slowly rising up again. I like to think they pandered to the common denominator for a while with all their crappy games/home apps just to help pay off bills.. plus they probably received a ton of money from publishing Half-Life. Maybe with some spare cash it's actually realistic to risk some money to work on some adventure games.

- Nick
RaDIaT1oN Hi, I'm back. The NAGI source release is what I needed for motivation. However I think that it mark the end of anymore possible development on AGIL.

Since I recieved notice of the source release. I've downloaded it, and started work on a Linux port. So far it works with AGI 2 PC games and AMIGA games. The sound does not appear to work yet, and AGI 3 games don't work because (I guess) the file search routines don't work.

I've emailed the modified (messy) source and binary to Nick, hopefully he will put it up (will you?), because I don't appear to have web space anymore.

I am still far from understanding the workings of NAGI, and a complete Linux port is still far from done, at least from me. But I intend to work on it until at least I am happy with it.
sonneveld radiation.. I'll email you later on today... been busy.

check initialise.c and make sure nagi is setting the right environment setting for sdl's video and audio. it might be the reason why it's not working.

in the sdl sound driver I've got a quick hack to write to the hardrive as well.. you could try that and see if it's still generating something.

- Nick
sonneveld I'll post the source package when I get home if you like. I thought that you might have wanted to work on the code a bit more before anything else was published.

btw, I really appreciate you taking the time to work on a Linux port. I always wanted a port to Linux but I didn't have the time or a proper recent version of Linux running to code on. thank you.

Why are you stopping the work on AGIL?

- Nick
RaDIaT1oN I have cleaned up the code more now, it's available at This code base should work under windoze still. All the files have been stripped of the carriage returns, these caused problems. I also removed stuff that I found to be irrelavant: CVS dirs, tools dir, etc. Most of my changes were to get it running on Linux, but I did some others to remove warnings: initialize some vars, add some const's. I also removed some -W's from the Makefile.

Removing the setenv's from initialise.c got some sound, but it sounded better with none. I will look at it further. I just want Linux people to have something to work with as soon as possible.
df i think if your gonna contribute back to nick you really should use cvs, and retain his tags, etc.

that or create diff patches that nick can feed back into his cvs tree.
sonneveld No, it's alright at the moment. If Gareth can work on the Linux port and clean it up a bit.. It would be easier to merge later on if things aren't changing all the time.

I don't have much time at the moment so I wouldn't be able to update NAGI as much anyway.

- Nick
sonneveld Hi,

Gareth has been working steadily over the last week and NAGI for Linux has been growing in leaps and bounds.

I've merged all the current changes into my local cvs tree and published the source at:

My Misc/Other Dir

It's not release quality yet.. when it gets a bit more tidied up, the checksums are updated and there's a general consensus that it's ready.. I'll get some binaries and more info posted on the site.

I want to thank Gareth for all the work he's done on it. NAGI wouldn't have appeared on Linux for aages if it weren't for his work on it.

- the arrangement of files is better this time. ini files and docs are included.
- search routines for linux (Gareth). does not depend on case of files either. v3 games are detected.
- different makefile format
- lots of different little changes

I'm not sure on the sound status yet though.

- Nick

PS. There's a beta of my array tools available there too if you're interested.