beta v.1.0 of QftC available

doan sephim hello,
i put up a short little game that i would like some people to beta-test...sinse i put it up, ive already changed afew problems (i changed it from "Brian Provinciano says: to something else-but in the v.1.0 it will still say that...sorry Brian), but i would still like input.
just go here:
thanks and have fun!
AGI1122 You didn't mention the name of the game. It's called Quest for the Cheat incase people are wondering.
Brian_Provinciano Very neat looking game. I really liked how the room generated, first with the background, then the signs. Looks really cool!
doan sephim thanks chris for giving the name of the game out! yeah thats prolly a good thing to know.
thanks to you too brian.
alittle warning about the last room of the game...for some reason ive been experiencing crashes when you beat the doesnt happen with consistency, so if it happens chances are that it wont happen the next time...because it is kind of random, i dont know why it happens.
doan sephim to moderators:
i have received word from the creators of the characters used in my game asking that the game be removed for alittle while for understandable reasons: so this topic would probably be best removed from the board so people dont get confused when my game doesnt appear on the downloadable fan-made games place.
AGI1122 I will just lock the topic so people can't post in it anymore. Whenever you are ready to put out a new version just pm me to get the topic unlocked.