Can you open KQ6 with the SCI editor?

Barren I have the King's quest collection, but whenever I try to open the KQ6 game, I get a "Resource package/map file identifier mismatch! The game you are trying to open is incomplete, corrupt, or not the correct version!" message. Am I doing something wrong?
Nychold I believe King's Quest 6 is an SCI1, or SCI32 game, depending on if you're using the CD/high resolution version. SCI Studio 3 only supports SCI0 games. SCI Studio 4 will support all versions of SCI, including the cross platform versions such as Amiga and Macintosh. However, SCI Studio 4 has not yet been released. There are other tools which can open, display, and extract graphics from later SCI versions, but I don't know what they are, or where to get them.
Barren And how far into development is version 4?
AGI1122 That's not really something way can give you an answer to.

All we can say is please wait and have patience till the next version is relesed.