SCI Studio Released

Brian_Provinciano I've released another version of SCI Studio. It includes a load of fixes and some very cool enhancements. One being that the Script Editor now has an MDI interface.


It includes that stuff for the right/left click detection with a newer interpreter and an updated script example.

Check out for more info.
AGI1122 Found a new bug in the room simulator, if you press default background or default ego it says "unable to open templates/views/view.000" or templates/pics/pic.000 for reading!" This is because the room simulator points to the wrong directory to get the templates, they are in examples instead of templates now.
Brian_Provinciano Thanks for your help finding bugs. I never noticed that. It's because of your bug reproting that SCI Studio has improved so much since it's first release :)

So, of course, you can expect a new version soon :)
AGI1122 I love new versions :) With each new version making my SCI Template game is becomeing easier. Also I noticed yet another bug. The tab button no longer indents and unindents while working on scripts. I think this is because of the new script tab system for opening multiple scripts. I liked using the tab key instead of having to press the space bar a few times. Also is it possible to get the font tester back. I liked using it in SCI Graphic Studio and I think being able to have the font tester in SCI Studio would be really usefull.
Brian_Provinciano Before, I had one script edit, which had all it's properties set with the form designer. Now that I have multiple forms, I had to trash that, and set all the properties in my code. I just forgot to add the "usetabs" property to true. I will fix that.

Also, I could add the font tester too--it'd only take an hour or so.

Stay tuned.