Sierra johnny castaway screensaver!

Hannibal Have anyone tried to open sierra screen antics screensaver with scistudio?

That was the reason I stumbled upon scistudio after all. It seems very similar to other sci games with and resource.000 files. Waited for scistudio 3.0 but still it won't open and crashes. Maybe there are other programs which can extract resources as i am willing to see all episodes of johnny?

AGI1122 If I am not mistaken this has been post about before. But anyway, just because it was made by Sierra does not necessarily mean it is a SCI game.

Besides SCI Studio 3.0 only opens SCI0 games which only had 16 colors, so that screen saver definatly won't open in it.

If it really is an SCI game then it will be openable in the next version of SCI Studio. But I personally don't really think it's an SCI game, especially since the site says sierra only hold copyright to it, it says they did NOT make the game which means it would most likely use a different engine than SCI.

file names don't mean anything, it's just a file name... what is important is what the data looks like on the inside of the file.