Joey i was just thinking. what if we had a contest where someone drew pictures and views and made sounds, and the contest was, given those resources, you had to make a game with that stuff and only that stuff. the person that made the best game with it (best story etc.) would win. Sounds interesting.
Keep those resources limited enough, and award creativity.
Maybe several people should create the views/pictures independantly, so at first sight, there's no connection at all between them.
Rainer on the ags board they had a comp where someone would post a pencil sketch of a background, and everyone had to do their impression of that sketch. maybe we could do something similar here.
Robin_Gravel How about MAGI (montly adventure game interpreter) more like mags (montly ags)?

Here the mags site:

Robin Gravel
Oliver Since i have nothing better to do, I'd be glad to take part in it. ;)
Eero R I wouldn't have anything against it.
Oliver A few might have anything AGAINST it.
But how many will take part in it?
Maybe Eero and me? ;D
ofcourse if Eero will take part in it:D

Is anyone else going to take part in it?
Joey yeah it was just a thought. if we decide to have the competion, i guess ill host it. ill have a few people draw background and views and stuff so they will not relate in any way like strangequark said. if a number of you will do it i guess ill host the competition. i need to think of a prize though :D.
Eero R Give us one of your wrist bands, or chains, or spikes... no, just kidding. :P
Oliver A new skateboard deck wouldn't be bad ::) :D

Just kidding:p, you need a prize, defenately, otherwise noone will be intrested in it.
Eigen Wouldn't be the knowing that "I'm the best" the best prize? ;)

Probably not... but still.

Anyway, I might take part too.

yeah, prize would be great, otherwise i will not waste my time, I'll better make some game of my own.

Hehe, Eigen, I was just hopeing that you won't take part ;D
Then I'd have a chance to win ;) ;D
Kon-Tiki Hmmm... I'd be better off working on Ninja Forever some more, but I'm interested in this too. It'd be purely the coding and story?
Joey yep. you would have random views pics and maybe sounds. you could not add any more things. only code. you have to program a game with a good story. best game wins. you wouldnt have to use all of the views and pics and stuff it came with. ill post rules if i decide to do this.

Posted by: Eero R
Oliver Don't like punk music :o
That sucks man, punk rocks! ;)

But anyway, IF is the contest going to be, IF it is GOING TO BE at all?:D
Eigen I think you should really start this contest.
Who will be making the pictures, views and sounds?

Offtopic: Joey, whatever you do, don't become another trance dude (oss). They SUCK!

b@st@ste let joey make the sources, because he came up with this contest: also, joey can be the judge and decide whos the winner.

finally, he or she can 'host' the second contest and decide its rules (this being the award).

just a thought... 8)
Joey yeah thats an idea for the prize i was thinking. ill consider it. i still want to think about some other stuff. as for the drawings and stuff, i might have a few people who arent in the contest, or maybe some who are, do the drawings and stuff. i probably wont have people in the contest do it though. ill do some and ill have some people who arent in it do some. this way no one who is in the contest will know any of the resources.

im still thinking of contest rules and stuff. i think i may do this contest. i still need to think of rules and stuff like that.

as for "punk rocks" haha yeah i used to be into that stuff. im really heavy into hardcore, mostly grindcore. really fast hard stuff, but mostly that has meaning to it even though you cant understand the screaming :D a perfect example of this is the band Converge. They are from Boston Mass (not far from where i live. :D)

anyway, ill keep thinking of ideas. if i decide to do this, i will probably have it in a few weeks or something. i have finals at school to be studying for.
cloudee1 Hey Joey how about having the people who are in the contest submit the views, as entry fee.

If there is a set amount of things that everyone must submit, one character, two rooms, etc. etc.

Then everyone will know about a few resources but it will be fair in that they will know about the same number of resources.

Plus you don't have to do all the work. ;)
Joey Ill consider it. Im still trying to decide the rules and stuff.
gennadiy I agree with cloudee1, it is pretty good idea, but there must be some rules, too, because someone might post a very louzy and dull picture. But it is your decision. Good luck!
cloudee1 Alright Joey here is a propostion for you:

I am working solely with sci and haven't ever touched agi programming, I would not be taking part as a contestant in your programming adventure sooo. if you want to take part in this contest as well, there is no reason why you couldn't if I took over as judge for you.
Rich Joey,

I don't really have the creative energy to come up with any more stories right now, so I don't think I'd take part in the contest, but I'd be happy to make some views and/or pics for the contest. Don't worry, I would do everything g or pg-rated. Also, I'm a much better artist than I let on with my lousy FQ1 pics, so don't worry about crappy art either. In fact, if you give the specs, I will make the pictures as you want them. Let me know.

I'm out!

b@st@ste well, THAT sounds very promising, since we've been waiting for F!@# Quest 2 for -like- AGES! ::)
Eero R FQ2 is going to be like SCI Studio 4. I mean, it will be done, as long as Rich isn't thrown into a pool full of piranha fishes... :P But still, people (without girlfriends to play with :P) are asking for it.
Anyway, if you've been ever pestered about some projects that were nearly done, but you lacked something to finish it (time, money, you were away from your home, like by your parents or just didn't want to, because it was boring), you know what Rich could feel.
a pool full of piranha fishes...

its fish.

anyway, i wont set guidelines for the things that will be used, because that will make it more difficult. there needs to be different artists with different styles to make the game harder to be created.

i will host this contest very soon i promise. but i was hoping after this someone would host the contest because i would like to participate in something like this somtime. i want to be the judge of this one though.

for now, anyone who is NOT going to be in the contest, if you have some free time, just make 2 random pictures, and 1 random view. then email it to me at only draw and send me them if you are not going to be in the contest. those who send me files will not be elegible. once i get enough views and pictures i will set the rules and start the contest.
Eero R
Joey wrote:

a pool full of piranha fishes...

its fish.

Thanks. I actually should check for such errors before posting...
for now, anyone who is NOT going to be in the contest, if you have some free time just make 2 random pictures and 1 random view. then email it to me at only draw and send me them if you are not going to be in the contest. those who send me files will not be elegible. once i get enough views and pictures i will set the rules and start the contest.

I think this might take a while. Because there aren't much active people usually for contests like this. ;) But lets hope this won't take too much time :P
Eero R Yeah, but we could always use original AGI games' views and pictures... with small modifications of course... not! ::)
Joey alright, lets do this then. everyone who WILL enter this contest tell me now. i will do some pictures and stuff and ill see if i can get some from others. just tell me asap if you will enter the contest. i will do the drawings and i might take some views from the ultimate agi sci site. im not sure yet.
b@st@ste I SHALL ENTER!

[color=navy]because i have a big schlong![/color]
Kon-Tiki I'll enter too, just to get me back into coding again after so long out of it (bloody exams ::) )

[size=0][color=Navy]And my schlong's size doesn't need any proof, especially not through games[/color][/size]
Eero R I'll enter too.
Oliver me too!
Eigen me me me
Joey alright cool. that is enough to let me start the contest. i just got back from vacation, so during this week ill start working on views and pictures. once i have everything done, i will post on the board when the contest will be held. the day the contest begins, everyone who entered will get the package with all the resources sent to them.

so just look for another thread like this saying the contest is on its way. just give me about a week to make some resources. I'll enter too. Just hope I can find the time, but I'll try my best.