Al Pond 1 Al lives for ever help

Zagrijs I am near the end and I went into the control room pressed the red button and went into Dr Kony's office got the second paper with a number but I need the first paper with the rest of the numbers to deactivate the bomb.Dr Kony is now in the rocket.
Eigen Highlight the text below:
[color=Navy]One of the papers is under the desk lamp, the second one is in the drawer. And you need a key for the drawer. The key is in the same room.[/color]

Zagrijs Thanks but now I am stuck again.

I activated the countdown in the rocket. Disarmed the bomb.Closed Dr Kony in the rocket.Selected the target and said launch rocket but i stil can't get the rocket in the air.
Eigen I think it was the green button you had to press to launch the rocket.

Zagrijs I went back to a previous save game and did everything the same way and I also ended with 204 of 206 points and managed to complete the game. I guess there is a bug or something.
Oliver I played the game trought myself too. Ahh...I remember the good old days ( ;)) when Eigen was just learning the game and making it. Hehe. So anyway, I found a teeny weeny bug in the New Yerk store. If you go in the door it sayd "Ok". There is nothing to say "Ok" to ;)
And there was a bug too in the bar, but I can't remember what it was ;D
But, those don't disturb the game play.
Well anyway, I didn't quite finish the game, I could figure out where do I go after I had found the stones. Couldn't find the Kony's hideout or something:D