To program or not to program?

Colonel_Colon So I've just done all the backwork on a new adventure game. I have sketches, a plot written, puzzles, everything that I need.
My question to the community is this:
Do I start making my adventure game now, or do I wait for SCI32 to come out?
I'm drawn because I really would like the higher quality backgrounds. I have no desire to use AGS (except the graphics).
Are there items that you would recommend that I start regardless? Let me know what you think.

Eigen Since the code is pretty much the same in SCI32, I'd reccomend to start learning the scripting. Make a small test game for example.

doan sephim you could start it using the current version and then when the next studio is released use the first one as a kind of feedback test. it would allow you to get feedback from people on what works and doesnt work, teach you the scripting language which would make it a ton easier to jump in again, and also you wouldn't have to wait.
eigen's suggestion is a good one too if you didn't want to "remake" the game later...just start on some other test game.
Colonel_Colon I've already done a few relatively small projects with the engine. I just don't feel like wasting my time.
If the FarCry SDK comes out in June then I may find myself doing that first...
FastaKilla You could finish my game if you want, expand on it, or change it completely (Bluntman & Chronic). I'm pretty busy, even now in the summer, so I might not ever have enough free time again to work on it or another game. Check it out, it is open source.