SCI VGA backgrounds

RJD Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't SCI Studio 3 have all backgrounds saved as directions to making that background? It will leave directions rather than saving the picture itself. Because of this, you cannot import pictures. Well, Sierra did import paintings and such for their VGA games. So..on to my question. Will the new SCI STUDIO change the way it saves backgrounds? Will it no longer be saved as directions, and be saved like the views are instead? Does this mean we can import backgrounds in SSVGA? Thanks for your time.

Nychold Although I cannot say exactly how SCI Studio 4 will work, this would be my impression:

In creating pictures, you will have to specify which version of SCI you're going to be using (which may already be determined by the project file). If you're making an SCI0/SCI01 compatible picture, it will only have the option to save as a vector graphic (that's the official term). If you're making an SCI1+ compatible picture, you will probably only have the option of making a raster graphic (again, technical term).

To me, this method makes sense, although a better way may be implemented in the final, polished version. Regardless of what Brian will do, one thing is certain. SCI Studio 4 must provide support for all types of pictures, including the vector graphics of SCI0 and SCI01, and the raster graphics of SCI1+.