Is Enclosure appropriate?

Joey I haven't really played Enclosure yet. Only a little. I haven't gone through the whole game. Anyway, my 9 year old brother wants to play it, and I wanted to make sure there were no swears or anything else inappropriate that he shouldnt see before I put it on his computer.
Kon-Tiki It's not Fuck Quest, Date Quest, Quest for Ladies or anything like that, nor Cheech and Chong (dunno... that actually got finished?) or anything like that. It's meant to be fun for all, so Femo Duo'll have made sure it is appropriate for all too. And a few swear-words... You know that thief from the thievesguild in Quest for Glory I, not Boris, but the guy with the knives? He curses too, dagnabbit!
Eero R The game has lots of oil, and some blood too... :P
Kon-Tiki So has Rambo, and The A-Team has alot of oil too, but you can't say and believe it yourself that kids nowadays don't see that it's as fake as can be :P They might be young, but such things they already can relativate.
Joey what do you mean oil. i dont mind if theres blood in it.
Kon-Tiki I'm playing Enclosure at the moment too and found oil stains on the wall. Don't ask me what they're for, since I haven't gotten that far yet.

Andeh... spoiler-tags in all these Enclosure-threads, ok, but thread titles like the Owen-one... that even spoils part of the game even if you don't read the thread :-\
Andrew_Baker While it doesn't show it, there's some text that says that some of the characters have sex. You probably should play it first, so you can judge whether it's appropriate for your household.
AGI1122 Maybe we should make an AGI game ESRB. ::)
b@st@ste enclosure is oily, somewhat bloody, contains a (very) small amount of swearing and yes, theres talk about sex, but it is described in such a way that little boys like your brother probably wont understand what theyre talking about.

i agree: just play the game yourself and you be the judge!
Chris Cromer wrote:

Maybe we should make an AGI game ESRB. ::)

We've already got one! It's just not that elaborate yet.
Kon-Tiki Well, Disney's full of sexual and other non-kiddy related stuff, but kids don't understand it. It's that which makes Disney appealing to both kids and adults... or so it used to be. Seems like they're just making cartoons with two thumbs up their nose nowadays, but that's beside the point. Enclosure does have adult-like contents, but always, always put in such a way kids won't ever understand it, unless their parents've raised them in such a way they'll know at least 10 positions by heart at the age of 8, and I don't think you'd have to worry 'bout Enclosure being fitting for them or not then.
Eero R Hehe, Kon-Tiki's post reminded me of a make-up test I had to do in school. Teacher made me do it in the same class with small kids and since I wanted to quickly go over the main points, I went to class before it began. It was funny to hear those kids yelling to each other stuff like "Hey, fuck him up the ass". But it got funnier when the teacher came into the class. Those bigheaded kids got awed and when teacher called someone to front of the class, they were too frightened to even talk... :P
misa can anyone help with enclosure?i'm back after scooter trip,,talk to lisa,i have crow-bar,saw message on screen get off,cut door with scalpel,one passage is blocket with wall,other door don't let me go what to do now? thanks it is great game!!
b@st@ste well, theres a nice walkthrough ::)

*waves at moderators* Maybe we need a sticky: "Don't read any threads unless you've finished Enclosure." ::)
misa where is the walkthrough? thanks realy can't see a lot on screen thanks
Joker Hi Misa,

I think what b@dt@ste means is that your post can be seen as a walkthrough ;)

Here's a small hint: (Highlight text below)
[color=navy]Lisa told you about Watson and about a certain object Watson was holding...[/color]

Good luck!
misa :-
[color=Navy]Where you walk into a corridor and it gives you a message it's a bit chilly in there (the corridor with the little twist in), use the crowbar on the grate[/color]
Joel Heh, if you're going to use me as the AGISRB, you should note that although I do note the presence of it, I have no problem saying that a game which contains nudity is appropriate for all ages (look at Naturette and Naturette 3 reviews).
tash Hi guys

Iam at the very end of enclosure on epint to to go before i finish and when i use the crowbar on the grate and climb up the shaft i get shot! what am i doing wrong as i cant seem to find anything else to complete....

please help

gennadiy You have to hide yourself behind the construction (right side), so that owen won't see you.

EDIT : I like that AGI SRB idea.