Enclosure: Owen keeps killing me! *spoilers*

- I really need help here. Can't get to Owen without being seen. I first move to the wall on the right. Then move to the satellite when it's facing me or Owen. But I can't reach another wall when the satellite turns sideways. Owen turns his head every 2 seconds. If I move right I get shot but if I move left I fall off the roof. I know I have to get to the small wall nearest Owen but I can't seem to do that. Any tips to completing this?
Eero R You could've asked this in the thread you had a post in already...
Anyway, I did a map of the path and sent it to Robin a while ago, and I think he might still have it. I don't.
Joey which game is this we are talking about.
b@st@ste seems to me someone doenst know his agi-bible...

ENCLOSURE, man!! 8)
Joey oh crap man. i thought it was that but i wasnt sure. i really havent had a chance to play enclosure. ive been wicked busy with school lately. high school sucks. and finals are coming up. but summer is very close, and during the summer i will be back into things and making games again. only this times my game will actually be relatively good and have some quality to them.
AGI1122 Renamed the topic so people know this is about enclosure... it was reported that the topic was not clear enough and can spoil it for people.
CESS.tk I think what Kon-Tiki meant to say is that, when you read the topic, you know that at some point Owen will try to kill you. So you better rename it to "Help with Enclosure *SPOILERS*" or something like that.
AGI1122 It wasn't kon-tiki... somebody used the report a post feature... so it was emailed to me.

Anyway added spoilers to it.
b@st@ste - adding *spoilers* to thread-title = good 8)
- leaving the words 'owen' and 'killing' in = ...oh wait: thats a spoiler!! :o :o
AGI1122 If I change the name too much the person who posted the topic won't recognize it so no go. :P
CESS.tk Good point...

Argh! It's a lose-lose situation. :P