Calling all AGI-ers

Randy I just recently found out about "Operation: Recon" being abandoned too. It came as a surprise to me since I was working on that project. Nat's been pretty busy and we haven't emailed much lately so I guess it was inevitable. My apologies to all those of you who were eagerly awaiting its release. Nat developed some pretty slick code for it and emailed me that he plans on making the incomplete code public for you guys to get ideas from.

From this unfortunate turn of events I learned that if you have an idea for a game, it's probably best if you do the coding and employ the services of others for secondary elements such as sounds and graphics. That way, you have creative control to make the project the way you envision (cause trying to explain your vision via email is just plain impossible) and the burden to follow it through to completion is on your own shoulders. Besides, it's only fair not to place this burden on anothers' shoulders.

To this end, I've been learning LOGIC code and had begun work on another game a while back. It's going very well. I hesitate to tell more about it until it's near completion. I will say that the game I wrote a while back "Speeder Bike Challenge" was created for this game I am currently working on.

However, I need VIEW artists. Logic coding takes a while and leaves me with little time for the other aspects. If you are interested, please let me know.
Mysterious Adventurer Randy!

I need to talk to you (and Nat too) asap concerning Op. Recon.
sonneveld I'm afraid I could only help with the logic coding. I'm surprised you're moving from graphics to logic after seeing the nice backgrounds you did for Op:Recon.

- Nick
Randy If I have time, I'll probably wind up doing the graphics too, but I am focusing right now on the Logic code. If anyone would be willing to help out with any area it would make the whole project go that much faster and there can be another complete game for the AGI community to play.

Thanks for the compliment. Graphics take the longest to make and I don't particularly look forward to creating all of them myself. I will if I have to, but it might be nice to enlist in the talents of others who want to work on something but not an entire project from start to finish.