i cannot hear anything!!

doan sephim ive been having a problem with sounds. on my new computer (windows xp) i cannot get any sound...that is, i can get sound from other games like unreal tournament 2003 or and other thing...but things like quest for glory are sadly silent. i had tried to figure out the problem for some time, but have not made any progress.
i wonder, is this a similar problem anyone else has encountered and/or solved?
thanks doan
collector Are you using VDMSound?
doan sephim no sir...should i be using that?
Eigen http://www.mega-tokyo.com/forum/index.php?board=5;action=display;threadid=5691

I attached a zip with few SCI sound drivers in my post there. Try these.

doan sephim hey thanks eigen,
unfortunately there was only one driver that worked (kind of). the gm.drv gave me sound, but it was really choppy and off.
when i tried the mpumap.drv i got a message "patch 380 not found" what is that?
Eigen I get this message too. Probably that your soundcard is not suitable for it...maybe. :-\

Have you tried FreeSCI, it has quite a good sound system that should work for you.

doan sephim i havent tried it. is it a program that runs sci games or something? if so, how does it work?
Eigen http://teksolv.de/~jameson/freesci-0.3.3-win32.zip

download this an unpack it to your game folder. But for some reason, when you have fan-made game, or anything based on the template, the save and restore doesn't work.

colloector If you are going to run DOS games on Windows 2k or XP you really should install VDMSound. http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=2071
doan sephim to be honest, i couldnt understand the freesci download at all :-\...so i guess i'll just have to live without the music...or maybe hook up some piece of junk computer. in any event thanks for all the help!
Nychold Try VDMSound. It's a driver-like program which allows command prompts in Windows NT flavored OSes (NT 4?, 2000, XP, 2003, etc) which allows audio to be played (through MPU-401/SoundBlaster 16 emulation, I believe). It's simple enough to download and install, but in order to use a program with it, you must right-click on the program, and select "Use with VDMSound..." or something like that. Check their documentation for more details.
doan sephim thanks nychold
im downloading it now, and i'll give it a go. all this headache b/c i got a new computer ::)
thanks again
doan sephim it works! hooray!