Corby's murder mystery

Sophie So far Stacey, Joe and Steph have died and after finding Steph's body i have been round talking to everyone except Jay because i can't find him anywhere yet he is not dead. Is this a bug??
Kon-Tiki The game should be bugless (took all of them out a few years ago and I believe Coby rereleased it then), so it's probably just a bit harder to find. Best thing I can suggest is to talk to everybody until they say the same, go to each and every place, looking for a body, then talk to everybody again. That's basically how to solve every puzzle in the game ;)
Joel I'm going with Kon-Tiki on this one. It's been some time since I played the game, but I know I was able to finish it without any show-stopping bugs. The guy you're looking for is probably on a screen that you've overlooked or something. Unfortunately, I lost all my saved games for that game so I can't back and check.
Zagrijs I can't find Jay ever and I have spoken to all of the characters.
sunshinegold Could you please tell me where I can download this game ???
Kon-Tiki seems to be lacking Little Pirate, yet I'm sure I submitted it when the second demo was done :-\