SCI resource format

Radiant Hi there,

I was trying to extract some resources from SCI1/VGA games. I've googled around for tools to do this, and found some workable ones.
However, these tools only work with the older SCI1 games that have separate resource files (i.e. RESOURCE.001, .002, .003 etc; for instance King's Quest V). They fail to get anything from newer SCI1 games that have only a single multi-megabyte RESOURCE.000 file, such as King's Quet VI.

Does anyone know of a tool that helps with the latter? Thanks!
dreamweaver SCIResDump ( has source ) from VAG can do that with newest SCI1 .
For SCI32 , I still wait for Brian newest SCI Studio .
Endroz dreamweaver,
SciResDump by VAG works also for SCI32 games. 8)
dreamweaver Endroz , does it work for Torin Passage ?
Well I'd like to make a sequel for Torin Passage . The ending not satisfy me .
Endroz It does- 8)