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AGI1122 How can I tell the difference between a right click and a left click?... I tried using the hex thing to print it out but I always get a null. I need to figure this out so I can add proper mouse support to my template instead of the right click doing the same thing as the left click.
Brian_Provinciano II added...

Format(str "Mouse X:%d Y:%d :%d :%d: %d " x y type message modifiers)

to the event code to see what happens when I click and have discovered that only the left button even causes an event. The right button is completely ignored. I remember you mentioning QFG using it or something. Are you sure it was an SCI0 game?
AGI1122 Well the interpreter is 0.000.629 and I am pretty positive it is SCI0 since I can edit it in SCI Studio an SCI Graphic Studio. It is the original Quest for Glory and not the remake. In the game if you click with the left mouse button it moves the ego, and if you click with the right mouse button it gives a description of the thing you are clicking on. So there has to be a way to detect the right button... I just don't know how though.
Brian_Provinciano Try using that interpreter with the event example and see if the right button changes any of the event properties.
AGI1122 Sure I will try that.
AGI1122 Well the only thing that ever seems to change between the different clicks is the modifier. I think I might try using the modifier to detect which button... 32 = left click 35 = right click and 36 = middle click. Shoudl I use the modifier though? And what exactly is the modifier?
Brian_Provinciano It's very good you noticed that the intepreter with SCI Studio doesn't support that. I've packaged the newer SCI0 intepreter with the SCI Studio package which will be released tomorrow.

I found out that bits 0-1 of "modifiers" is used for the right button. $0 for left and $3 for right. I don't have a three button mouse installed on here, but from what you say, it seems that bit 2 would mean the middle is pressed.

(if (== (& modifiers 3) 3 )
Display("Right " dsCOORD 130 20 dsCOLOR clFUCHSIA dsBACKGROUND clBLACK)
Display("Left " dsCOORD 130 20 dsCOLOR clFUCHSIA dsBACKGROUND clBLACK)

works perfectly with the newer interpreter. Try it out!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next release of SS.
AGI1122 Well glad to see that I can tell the difference between the left and right click and maybe middle I will just have to make sure it works... I think I will add these to the scc.sch to make them easier to use. Well now that I figured this out I can finish making the ego walk to the position where the mouse clicks, and make a description for the right click as an example on what it can do.
Lars Skovlund The interpreters don't actually support the middle and right
buttons, but instead alias them with Shift- and Ctrl-clicking.

So, as someone suggested, test the modifiers if you really
need to. The full story about events is here:
Robin_Gravel I'll try it out.

Robin Gravel
Zero2003 Cool so will i once i get back in to SCI.
Robin_Gravel Hi Zero

I'll make template using right click after I released Naturette 3.

Robin Gravel
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How are you?

im sure the template will be great!! :)
lost of people would love to download something like that!!!!

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