13th disciple

mike795 What I do on cinema?

CapT@ I'm quite sure you've cheated, because in the demo that I released, you were never supposed to see the cinema. The demo ended in high school.

So right now, the answer would be: nothing. Unless I get a new wave of creativity to ever finish the project, :-)!

Kon-Tiki Woohoo! Word from Cappy ^_^ I was wondering where he went (again ;D )
CapT @ Hi Tiki, you still on this site as well, ha ha. Keep coming back once in awhile to see what's up. I've a job that's very seasonal, so hence my resurrection, :). Have basically given up that the Project will ever see a final version. How's your game creating skills?

BTW, am not logged on, because there seems to be something wrong with my account.

Kon-Tiki I'm still working on Ninja Forever (which'll blow Little Pirate's quality to level "Trashcan picking") with the great help of a small team. Besides that, I'm working on making games in C++, learning one step at a time (right now: adding graphics), but all of this's going pretty slow at the moment due to exams.