New VGA SCI View Editor!

Brian_Provinciano I've released two new SCI view editors. One is a stand alone EGA view editor, and the other is the very first VGA SCI view editor!


It can completely edit SCI 1, 1.1 and 2 views, along with their palettes. The built in palette editor can save/load palette resources as well, making it a two in one program!

Get them at my Ultimate AGI & SCI Site:

AGI1122 When I tried to download it, there was no public servers... I tried downloading the AGI256 version 2, SCI EGA view editor and the SCI VGA view editor but the same thing keeps happening no public downloads available. The only available way to download it seems to be for me to buy a personal connection... and I don't want to. Is the public server going to be up soon so I can download these things or am I doomed to not having these great new tools?
AGI1122 Nevermind... I tried it again just now and it is allowing me to use the public downloads. :)
AGI1122 One problem... how am I supposed to extract the SCI1 view resources since there isn't a program for it. SCI Studio only works with SCI0 and so does the SCI Graphic Studio. How can I go about extracting the SCI1 view resources?
Brian_Provinciano Use the old program SCI Decoder from my utilities page.
AGI1122 I already tried that... I don't know why but every game I try it on gives me errors about can't find and also invalid data types. SQ5, LSL6, and a few others did this.
Brian_Provinciano SCI Decoder only works with the early VGA SCI games such as LSL1 VGA, LSL5, etc. The decompression algorithms still need to be written for the newer versions.
mattgoble But Brian, you said in your release of the VGA Viewer...

The SCI VGA View Editor brings you the excitement of being able to edit Leisure Suit Larry VGA, 5, 6, King's Quest 5, 6, Space Quest 4, 5, Police Quest 3, 4, and any other VGA SCI game's views! It also include a palette editor for full control over your views!

So does this mean it does support viewing of Larry 6, Space Quest 5 and the like, or what exactly.

Sorry, I'm a little confused now!
AGI1122 I have been able to get certain games to work. If the game has voices I am pretty sure they won't work... already tryed them. But I was able to get SQ1VGA, LSL5, and LSL1VGA to work. I haven't got any others to work but then again I havn't tried the PQ series yet. And none of the Quest for Glory games worked with it.
Brian_Provinciano It can edit VGA SCI views, but not extract them from the resource files. If you have a view extracted, you can edit it. However, there are no publicly available resource extractors available yet for the newer intepreters.
CC After I have extracted and edited views, do I have to use some other program to recompile the resource files to make new views work?
AGI1122 From what I can see, there is no way to put them back into the games... but then again I may be wrong.
Brian_Provinciano Just like SCI0, you need not put them in the resource files. Just place the 0.v56-65535.v56 file in the game's directory, run scidhuv and you're set!
kelmer I tried with some KQ6 v56 resources, but it didn't work (came up with a message saying "not a valid v56 file" or something). Is this one really supported?
Brian_Provinciano What program did you use to extract the KQ6 view files? I'm not aware of any programs which can handle that game's resources. The files could be corrupt, or, it might not be able to handle those views.
Robert Eric It might have some uncompressed view files laying around the directory.
kelmer Yep, the files where just outside the main pack, perhaps being part of some sort of patch (and that could be the reason why they didn't work, i didn't thought of that before) :P