SQ4 THG Beta

Wilcoholic I saw an old discussion about this "Beta" version of SQ4 with Debug that was released by THG. Does anyone know what version it was, and more importantly, would it be possible to locate anywhere??
HWM wrote:

J.T. wrote:

The version of SQ4 that has the debug code is a beta that was leaked from Sierra about six months before the game was actually released. It was distributed by a cracker group known as The Humble Guys (hence the "THG" in the debug help file that was posted). I know this because I managed to get my hands on the leaked and pirated beta a few months before the game was released in 1991. Unfortunately, I deleted the beta as soon as I had bought a legal copy of the game. The things I remember about the pirated beta were the debug mode and the fact that the game was very buggy and crash-prone.

Exactly... Since it wasn't the final sales release, most people probably deleted it... I'm aware of the whole THG/INC/etc. scene at that time and managed to get some savegames (by INC) of the beta... However, they contain the same version number my version has (1.052)...